James Charles accuser admits grooming allegations were fabricated

YouTube: James Charles

A 15-year-old TikToker has publicly apologised after it was revealed that a previous video he posted, which supposedly showed conversations between him and James Charles, were fake. 

In the original TikTok, which has now been deleted, user Kian Jones showed what he claimed were screenshots of a conversation between himself and James Charles. In the screenshots, the 15-year old is shown telling ‘James’ his age who then responds by saying “I’ll pay for you to come now if you want.”

However, soon after he posted the TikTok, fans suggested that the DM conversation between the minor and Charles was fake and edited. One TikTok user said at the time: “This is f*cked up. James Charles is an awful person but falsely accusing them isn’t okay either.”

Rumors then swirled that Jones had posted an apology video about the allegations before quickly deleting it, but when confronted by a fan on Instagram, he blocked them.

Now, Kian has posted a public TikTok admitting the screenshots were indeed edited and the accusations he made against James were false.

“I am just here to apologise to absolutely everyone about the James Charles situation,” he said. “It was fake and it was my stupid, stupid irresponsible idea to do that, to try and ruin someone’s career and try to gain clout along the way.”

He continued: “But honestly, I am so, so sorry from the bottom of my heart. I know I’m going to get a lot of hate and I do deserve that, but I’m just on here to say that I’m so, so sorry.”

This false allegation comes after up to 10 minors publicly accused Charles of sexual misconduct and grooming. He recently responded to the allegations with a 12-minute YouTube video, wherein he claimed that wasn’t as vigilant as checking people’s ages as he should be because he is “desperate.”