MoistCr1tiKal reveals $25,000 challenge to recover lost YouTube videos

moistcritikal youtubeYouTube: MoistCr1tikal

YouTuber Charles ‘MoistCr1tiKal’ White Jr has announced a challenge to recover hundreds of YouTube videos he deleted — with a grand prize of $25,000 to whoever finds most of them. 

Like many of the original YouTubers, MoistCr1tiKal has been on the platform since 2007 under the channel name “Penguinz0.” Since then, he’s amassed over 9.5m subscribers on his channel providing a wide variety of content alongside his 3.3m followers on his Twitch account.

On December 12, White mentioned that he wishes everything on the internet would actually last forever.

The creator went on to explain that from 2007 to 2010 he uploaded between 500 to 1,000 videos regarding Halo, Gears of War, Call of Duty, and more. However, in 2010 he deleted most of them, but now he wants them back — and he’s willing to pay for them.

MoistCr1tiKal issues $25,000 challenge

He said: “I’m issuing what I believe to be an impossible challenge to the entire internet here. I know everyone on the internet loves lost media content, so I’m just going to issue this challenge and put a bounty on it for anyone out there.”

The creator went on to give details of the challenge: “If you can find those videos and reupload them to YouTube, I will pay you for it. If you somehow find most of them [around 500] I will pay you $25,000. I’ll also be paying on a video by video basis if you can find even just a few.”

He went on to explain that he just wants to go on a “nostalgia ride” and check out those old videos.

MoistCr1tiKal also detailed a few things that he has tried, including reaching out to Google to see if they are still served on their servers. However, he began on the platform well before they purchased YouTube, so it led to nothing.

Charles went on to note that after Google purchased the platform, any video with copyrighted music in it resulted in your entire channel being removed.

It’s something he didn’t want to happen in his early days, and it’s safe to say it’s paid off.