SNL TikTok skit with Billie Eilish mocks viral trends

TikTok logo and Billie Eilish dancingYouTube: SNL/TikTok

Saturday Night Live, once again, took some shots at TikTok using a pretty hilarious sketch involving Billie Eilish and the endless scrolling through the For You Page. 

Over the last few years, TikTok has become one of the most popular social media apps, with many users making it a part of their daily routine to scroll the For You Page for a decent chunk of time.

As a result of the increasing popularity, it’s become increasingly mainstream – with TikTok stars appearing on talk shows, getting their own TV shows, and even partnering with companies for their own branded products.

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That increasing popularity has also meant the app has become a source of inspiration for many jokes, including from Saturday Night Live, who have regularly poked fun at the video-sharing platform.

hand holding phone tiktok appUnsplash: Solen Feyissa
TikTok is a hub of entertaining content from all sorts of well-known names.

Alongside musical guest Billie Eilish, the ensemble of comedians once again poked fun at the app during their December 11 episode of SNL, with a pretty funny skit.

The sketch parodied quite a few trends and popular posts – including some terrible self-defense advice, fans of movies breaking down trailers frame-by-frame, the Island Boys phenomenon, and also having people dance while at work.

The latter of which was what Eilish got involved with, as she played a nurse who couldn’t help but drop it down even though one of her patients was ‘dying’ in the background. Naturally, the patient pulled through, which gave the musician the chance to ‘post’ another clip.

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“I could watch this for hours,” said one impressed viewer. “We honestly need one of these Tiktok updates every month,” added another. “That felt like scrolling through TikTok in a fever dream, that was so hilarious,” commented another.

Obviously, the cast of SNL keep their skits fresh but if anything takes over TikTok on a wild scale, we’ll probably see them poke fun at it again before long. Clearly fans love it, so they’ll keep it coming.