Mizkif says he’s starting a gym for Twitch viewers with Knut

Mizkif and Knut to open twitch focused gymTwitch: Knut

Mizkif is starting his very own gym that viewers can use if they subscribe on Twitch, and revealed that it’ll be run by fellow broadcaster Knut.

Mizkif is back on Twitch after stepping away from the platform in late 2022, and it looks like he has a few big goals in mind to kick off the new year with a bang.

In a January broadcast, Mizkif revealed that he’s potentially selling his home to Norwegian streamer Knut, marking a huge change from his usual setup with Emiru as part of streaming group OTK.

That isn’t the only thing coming on the horizon for Mizkif and Knut; on January 9, the streamer revealed that he has plans for them to start up their very own gym with an especially unique business model.

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Camp Knut crowns Lacari as the winnerTwitter: Mizkif
Mizkif took part in Camp Knut last year, which saw streamer Lacari crowned the winner of the month-long fitness challenge.

According to Mizkif, his gym will be Twitch-friendly, with membership reliant on users’ subscriptions to the channel via Twitch Prime.

Mizkif to open Twitch-focused gym with Knut

Mizkif claimed that he’s teaming up with the owner of the gym used in 2022’s Camp Knut fitness challenge, organized by Knut, to create the gym, which will be run by Knut himself.

“We are officially making a gym,” Mizkif revealed. “I am going to try to make it very good for Twitch chat. My goal would be for you guys to be able to go there, even for a day — we are going to have it so that if you Twitch Prime to the gym, [that’s] considered payment to go there for the day.”

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“Knut is actually going to be officially running the gym,” he continued. “Knut is moving here. He’s doing his paperwork and stuff. …because obviously, I don’t know how to run a gym, do you know what I mean? I think this is really good. I think this is good for the community. I thought this would be a fun thing to do.”

For now, the details aren’t all clear, but this would be one of the first gyms of its kind to use Twitch Prime subscriptions as gym memberships. Mizkif wouldn’t be the only influencer with their own gym, by far, though, with fit-fluencer Bradley Martyn owning his ‘Zoo Culture’ gym in LA.

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Funnily enough, this news comes on the heels of Mizkif addressing allegations of steroid use in a previous broadcast, where he rebuked the rumors and claimed he’s simply gotten back to working out.