xQc hits back after Mizkif slams him over gambling streams and more

Emma Hill
Mizkif and xQc talking to fans on Twitch during livestreamTwitch: xQc/ Mizkif

Twitch star Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel quickly fired back Mizkif after his fellow streamer criticized him for not attending Creator Clash so that he could “go gamble.”

xQc has been having to defending himself from a wave of criticism from his fellow streamers for dropping out of streaming events, one of the most controversial being when he bailed out of QTCinderella’s Shitcamp 2022, supposedly “at the last minute.”

However, things got particularly heated between Mizkif and xQc on September 13 as the pair threw various digs at one another.

One of which included Mizkif slamming xQc for supposedly dropping out of the hugely successful Creator Clash in May 2022 so that he could gamble. However, it wasn’t long before xQc hit back and explained his various absences from streaming events.

xQc and Mizkif exchange fiery insults on Twitch

Mizkif was doing an honest Q&A during his livestream and was talking about his interactions with other streamers when he noticed a message from xQc in his chat.

“We’re all lying at the same time,” xQc claimed. “Like, the time you wouldn’t let the girls pass you in viewers, so you re-broadcasted their show against their will, then manipulated all of them against me when I defended them.”

As Mizkif looked on in confusion, he quickly hit back at xQc by claiming that he dropped out of attending Creator Clash so that he could focus on gambling streams, which have also been controversial among the Twitch community.

(Topic begins in the livestream at 02:02:35)

Not long after Mizkif’s comments, xQc explained the drama during his livestream. The 26-year-old clarified his previous statements against Mizkif and added he then got a number of female creators to gang up on him despite having defended them.

He also took the opportunity to apologize for not attending Shitcamp. Although he was careful not to divulge too much information, xQc stated: “I couldn’t leave home. I had massive family drama that intertwined with relationship drama. It was hardcore […] I had to stay home.”

Things have gone quiet for now between Mizkif and xQc as their livestreams from September 13 have come to an end. However, with the interaction picking up attention across the internet, it’s likely there’ll be more streamers to share their take on the beef in the coming days.