xQc claims Twitch won’t ban gambling streams for one simple reason despite backlash

xQc sitting next to colorful slot machine with fruit symbolsxQc/Unsplash: Eric McLean

Streaming star Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel believes Twitch won’t be in any hurry to remove gambling content from their platform, seeing as many of the most popular games are also influenced by it.

While gambling streams have seemingly always had a place on Twitch, they’ve also been a pretty hot, and controversial, talking point over the years.

As plenty of big name streamers and viewers have called upon Twitch to outlaw gambling streams – given that Twitch’s audience skews young and is being pushed gambling content before it’s legal for them to gamble – others have signed massive partnership deals with online casino websites.

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The Amazon-owned platform has revealed that they’re always looking into the guidelines around gambling streams and may make changes. However, xQc believes they won’t be going anyway anytime soon.

xQc doesn’t think Twitch will ban gambling streams

The streaming megastar, who does have a gambling sponsor of his own, was asked about the online slot and casino games potentially being banned during his August 8 stream, as he pointed to the fact that pretty much every video game now has their own form of gambling in some way.

“Thoughts on Twitch removing gambling? I don’t think they could do that. I mean, I think everyone can understand why they won’t remove gambling or not sue anyway, I think it’s a simple concept,” xQc told his viewers.

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“Why? Well, it’s not about the money, you guys don’t get it though. If you ban gambling, you have to ban almost half the games (on Twitch). You’re going to say whataboutism, half the games have gambling in them, unfortunately. So whether or not you like it and you’re going to be a little bitch about the concept of it, CS:GO boxes are gambling, Apex opening boxes is gambling, half of it is gambling so, therefore, you’d have to ban these.”

The streamer’s point on lootboxes being gambling is one that many gamers hold, and has even been turned into a legal position in a handful of nations across the globe.

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Twitch may opt to put further restrictions on those casino-based streams in the future, but it’s hardly going to stamp out the bigger problems.