Mizkif explains why he turned down $10m a year gambling sponsorship

Mizkif streamingTwitch: Mizkif

Twitch streamer Mizkif has revealed that he was offered a $10 million a year sponsorship by an online gambling company. Although the money was extremely tempting, Mizkif decided to turn down the offer as it would have required a major life change.

As with many of Twitch’s biggest stars, Mizkif is no stranger to being offered whopping amounts of money from famous businesses in return for promotion.

However, Mizkif has shared that there was one mind-blowing offer from an unnamed online gambling company that left him feeling very conflicted, given the controversy surrounding the topic.

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With $10 million a year on offer in exchange for 15 hours a month of promotional material, Mizkif admitted that “as a human being” the offer was incredibly tempting given all the good he could use that money for. Ultimately, he turned the offer down and explained why to fans during his April 24 livestream.

Mizkif-Twitch-scaledTwitch: Mizkif
Mizkif was conflicted about what to do after receiving a $10 million sponsorship deal with an online gambling company.

Mizkif’s $10 million sponsorship deal

Mizkif responded to his appearance in the YouTube video ‘The Puppets of Online Gambling.’ In the clip, taken from one of his previous streams, Mizkif shared that he was offered $35,000 an hour to promote an online gambling website.

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However, Mizkif turned down the offer saying “the biggest problem” he had with the offer is the effect it would have on his ‘impressionable’ viewers. “You guys look at us as people you look up to,” the streamer said. “It just feels weird.”

Mizkif revealed that he had once again been approached by an unnamed gambling website that would have seen him make $10 million a year. Despite his issues with the topic, Mizkif admitted that he was tempted by the idea.

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“You have to understand that I am a human and that I am also f**king 27 years old. To see these numbers…I’ll be blunt with you. Did I think about and consider doing it? Yes, I did.”

Mizkif explained that had he taken the deal, the money would have been “life-changing” not only for his family but for others given how he would have donated some of his millions to charity. Yet, he later decided to turn the offer down.

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As well as his issues with online gambling, Mizkif explained that another reason why turned down the offer was it would have required him to make a huge lifestyle change.

“The biggest problem I had with it was I would have to move to Canada. I was like ‘I don’t want to go to Canada, I don’t want to be alone.’ I would never do it.”

The dispute over the morals of content creators livestreaming and promoting online gambling continues to rage among the streaming community. But, Mizkif has once again made his standing on the issue perfectly clear.

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