Mizkif explains to Pokimane why Ice Poseidon will “never” be unbanned from Twitch

Lauren Bergin
Pokimane Mizkif discuss Ice Poseidon twitch ban

On a May 17 stream, Twitch stars Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys and Mizkif discussed controversial streamer Paul ‘Ice_Poseidon’ Denino and his infamous Twitch ban. 

Ice Poseidon has etched his name into the streaming history books. The controversial figure continues to polarize former viewers and Twitch streamers everywhere despite a lack of activity as of late.

Ice’s former cameraman, Mizkif, has come to his defense in the past by calling out an apology from Minecraft star Karl Jacobs. Feeling that Jacobs “scapegoated” the infamous streamer, he noted that Ice has undergone an offline transformation and has “[grown] up as a person.”

Denino’s name came up yet again on Mizkif’s Just Chatting stream with Pokimane, and he continues to express support for the former Twitch star.

Ice Poseidon holding phone
Ice Poseidon was banned from Twitch in 2017 after an airport incident.

Pokimane and Mizkif chat Ice Poseidon

During their May 17 stream, Ice became the topic of conversation. When Poki asks why Mizkif doesn’t feel like he can talk to him, he simply replies that it’s “dangerous territory.”

He explained: “It’s pretty dangerous territory but I am friends with him. I like him a lot. I wish he was unbanned, but it’s Twitch being Twitch. They’re never going to unban him.”

Admitting that “yeah I do miss him,” Poki proceeds to ask what Ice would need to do to recover his reputation on the internet.

Shaking his head, Mizkif suggests Ice would have to “save an orphanage,” or do some other insane work of charity to even get a shot at redemption. However, he does lament “there’s nothing the guy can do… because they’re going to be like ‘you probably set the orphanage on fire.'”

While a future on Twitch looks pretty bleak for Ice Poseidon, it’s clear that he still has a fanbase who are dedicated to his work.

We’ll have to wait and see if turning over a new leaf is good enough for the streaming behemoth to lift their ban, but only time will tell.