Mizkif quickly unbanned on Twitch after just 24 hours


Streaming star Mizkif was quickly unbanned on Twitch just 14 hours after he was hit with a ban for “Aiding Account Suspension Evasion.

The 27-year-old returned to streaming just a few weeks ago following allegations in September 2022 that he helped cover up a sexual assault.

After being placed on leave and put under investigation by his organization One True King, the streamer went on a hiatus across all platforms.

He was subsequently found not guilty following a third-party investigation and the streamer has since got back to making content — even going viral for dropping a bench press on himself while attempting a new personal best.

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After being hit with a ban on January 13 for “aiding account suspension evasion,” Mizkif’s channel returned just a day later.

Mizkif receives second Twitch ban

According to StreamerBans, this is Mizkif’s second ban from the platform. His first was in February 2020 — where he was quickly unbanned shortly after.

In response to StreamerBans, Mizkif shared the email he received from Twitch revealing that his suspension was for “Aiding Account Suspension Evasion.”

Fans have suggested the ban was due to watching a video from disgraced streamer GrossGore — who was banned from Twitch in 2021.

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This would be breaking the platform’s terms of service, which prohibits streamers from watching a suspended user’s content on their broadcast.

The ban didn’t last long, as Twitch brought his channel back just 24 hours later. Although, Mizkif has yet to return to stream — presumably taking the weekend off.

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