Twitch CEO reveals how his salary compares to top streamers

Michael Gwilliam
Dan Clancy Twitch

Twitch CEO Dan Clancy revealed that some of the platform’s biggest names are making a lot more money than he currently does.

Dan Clancy has emerged as a refreshing face for Twitch, having communicated his plans to make the streaming site a better place and he’s earned the respect of many streamers in the process.

Last week, the CEO streamed with Mizkif and answered a variety of questions, even one about why Dr Disrespect was infamously banned from the platform.

When the topic of money came up, Clancy revealed that he was positive that Mizkif makes more money than he does as one of Twitch’s top streamers than he does as CEO.

“You came into Twitch and there’s a massive debt problem,” Mizkif replied, stating he wasn’t surprised that he was making more money.

“There are tons of jobs I could have taken to make more money. That isn’t what was motivating me to come to Twitch. And I think Amazon is good like that. I think the tech space is inflated salaries and there are some companies that just pay you silly amounts of money,” Clancy explained.

According to the Twitch boss, he was making more money consistently at Google than he is at Twitch – something that Mizkif could resonate with.

“This isn’t the highest-paying job I have. Rumble is,” Miz joked, earning a hearty laugh from Clancy.

Although the Twitch head didn’t reveal his salary, these comments add another layer to his growing transparency on the platform. Notably, he’s been quite detailed about the site’s performance, revealing that the platform still isn’t profitable days after laying off 500 employees back at the start of 2024.

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