Mizkif can’t resist trolling girlfriend Maya during call with parents - Dexerto

Mizkif can’t resist trolling girlfriend Maya during call with parents

Published: 3/Oct/2019 10:34

by Daniel Cleary


Popular Twitch streamer Matthew ‘Mizkif’ Rinaudo could not help but troll his girlfriend and fellow streamer Maya Higa, while on the phone to his parents during his October 2 stream.

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The popular streaming couple of Maya and Mizkif blew up on Twitch this year for some of their hilarious interactions with each other while broadcasting.

Many fans rallied behind the duo since watching their story unfold and have gone on to do great things for the community, such as raising over $20,000 for charity during a stream on August 7.

mizkif youtubeMayaHiga and Mizkif are known to hilarious go back and forth while streaming.
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The pair are known to poke fun at each other, and during his stream on October 2, Mizkif perfectly trolled Maya while he was on the phone to his parents.


He was just finishing up a phone call with his father on stream before claiming that Maya was hitting him, “Maya stop hitting me” He said, before banging his desk and hanging up the phone, attempting to troll her.

“Why do you do that?” Maya asked, clearly annoyed, “every time he talks on the phone with either of his parents he says Maya said f**k you, that’s the third time on the phone today that he’s told his dad that I’ve hit him.”

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Mizkif could not help but laugh after his efforts to troll his girlfriend, clearly happy with his successful attempts, “Oh god it’s great.”


Despite his constant pranking on Maya, Mizkif has had a lot of positive impact on Twitch viewers, such as one of FaZe EwOk’s fans who shared a heartwarming moment with the popular streamer.

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Mizkif has even gone out of his way to send a message to deaf Twitch streamer FaZe EwOk, learning sign language just to wish her a happy birthday on his stream.

The popular streamer has had a lot of entertaining moments on his stream, such as taking part in a bizarre dancing challenge for $15,000 which was set up by one of his viewers.