Twitch streamer AngelsKimi apologizes for “awkward” TwitchCon moment

Twitch: AngelsKimi / TwitchCon

Twitch streamer AngelsKimi was left wanting to apologize to her long-term viewers, after a short moment with a fan at TwitchCon 2019 turned awkward.

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Twitch streamers are no novices when it comes to awkward and interesting encounters with random people on the street, as well as with fans at major conventions, and IRL streamer AngelsKimi has added another one to the ever-growing list.

Throughout the convention, many popular streamers and personalities had the chance to interact with their fans face to face, and reinforce a positive bond within their own communities.

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AngelsKimi, who has become popular on the streaming website for her IRL and ASMR broadcasts, was part-way through a signing session that she was livestreaming, when one particular fan went in for a hug.

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Her fan reached out for the hug as he approached her at the front of the queue. Instead of reciprocating the gesture, the Twitch star stood an awkward distance back while still trying to engage the fan, leaving them both shuffling around to try and make it work.

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Clearly one of the more uncomfortable interactions of TwitchCon in 2019, the clip exploded with over 100,000 views to date, encouraging AngelsKimi to explain her actions at a later date.

The streamer re-watched the clip during her October 2 stream, and burst into laughter before explaining that it “was completely my fault.”

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“I know this was my fault okay. I did it on purpose for the clips though,” she joked between bouts of laughter as Twitch chat amusingly heaped the blame onto her.

Hopefully the unlucky fan can get another opportunity to right this injustice with Kimi at another TwitchCon or similar convention down the line.

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Kimi’s hug wasn’t the only time a streamer had an akward moment at TwitchCon this year either. Another broadcasting star was rejected by a stranger on the streets of San Diego, and one particular streamer was saved from an awkward encounter.

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