Mizkif cringes as Maya Higa exposes their romantic date on Twitch

Mizkif Maya HigaYouTube: Mizkif

Popular Twitch streamer Mizkif was left red in the face when his viewers spammed him a clip of his girlfriend and fellow streamer Maya sharing the finer details of one of their dates.

Mizkif is a hugely popular streamer with almost 600,000 followers on Twitch. Based in Texas, he began streaming back in 2016 and started gaining real traction by 2018.

He and fellow streamer Maya Higa had been rumored to be romantically involved with each other for some time, and eventually confirmed this back in August 19, with Maya casually dropping the news midstream.

Mizkif on TwitchTwitch: Mizkif
Mizkif couldn’t help but cringe as Maya revealed his romantic side.

Now, Maya has revealed just how romantic Rinaudo is – much to his embarrassment.

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As Mizkif was busy streaming, he noticed that viewers had started to spam the chat, calling him things like “simp” and “carrot cake.” Confused, he made his way over to Maya’s ‘Housewives Podcast‘.

As he watched the clip, he found her recounting the things he had done for her on one of their dates. “He bought me like a bathbomb, and like my favorite cake and he fed me. Like spoon by spoon my favorite cake in the bathtub. And he talked to me about my anxiety.”

Mizkif immediately got up from his chair. “Oh my God I’m cringe, I’m so cringe,” he screamed. “Why would you tell them that?”

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It was apparently “too much information” but he remained grinning despite the embarrassment.

He dropped in on Maya’s stream again later on to tell her she “shared a lot” but she insisted she “was cornered.” He joked that he usually tries to save those for his stream, and she said it was a “nice” story.

Although Mizkif was cringed out, the viewers loved it, as the clip on Twitch has over 110,000 views.