Mike Majlak stuns Logan Paul with $700,000 BAYC NFT purchase

Sam Comrie
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YouTuber and podcaster Mike Majlak has revealed the “most expensive” purchase of his life, in the form of a Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT that cost $700,000. 

Mike Majlak is known as a photographer and author, but more popularly as a co-host on the imPaulsive podcast. With his career aspirations taking on wild adventures, it isn’t surprising that Majlak’s latest venture is into the world of NFTs.

Now, the YouTuber and former Lovesac Company Marketing Manager has acquired an NFT from the Bored Ape Yacht Club with seriously hefty price tag.

Mike Majlak laughing on a podcast
Mike Majlak is frequent collaborator with Jake and Logan Paul.

Mike Majlak reveals “the most expensive purchase” of his life

During his April 9 YouTube vlog, Majlak revealed to Logan Paul that he purchased a Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT for “220” Ethereum. Speaking to Paul and his entourage, Majlak said “Guess what? I’m a little late to the party but yesterday I bought a Bored Ape.”

After revealing the amount of cryptocurrency he had spent to acquire it, Paul playful faked a stunned reaction: “Shut the f*** up! That’s so much f**king money. Bro, that’s like 700K.”

“It’s a f**king monkey… I’m just kidding, I got a Bored Ape too, welcome to the club!” continued Paul.

Paul added “it’s a blue-chip NFT, it’s here to stay, the community is strong, branding’s strong, it’s part of culture. I think it’s a good buy.”

(Timestamp of NFT Conversation – 4:57)

Logan Paul himself had previously revealed the extent of his own NFT wallet on the Impaulsive podcast. It isn’t Majlak or Paul looking for their slice of NFT action either, as recent rumors suggest that Call of Duty publisher Activision is looking to bring them into future games.

With a career as unpredictable as Paul’s, who knows, maybe Paul and Majlak’s next investment will be in the world of CoD.

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