Activision reportedly eyeing “NFT inclusion” in future Call of Duty games

Call of Duty gameplayActivision

Activision is reportedly considering the inclusion of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in upcoming Call of Duty titles, as an insider has claimed it’s currently in discussion.

While NFTs have been all the rage in recent months, it’s rare to come across a project announcement without some degree of controversy.

Whether it’s alleged scams or “cringe” marketing campaigns, many of the industry’s top figures have spoken out against cryptocurrency-based schemes, especially as they relate to video games. 

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In fact, Valve has even gone as far as to outright ban NFT games on Steam, one of the largest distribution platforms today.

Despite the near-endless waves of controversy, however, Activision is reportedly considering a way to implement NFTs in its biggest franchise, Call of Duty.

CoD storeActivision
Could the CoD store soon be filled with NFT-based items?

The report comes by way of supposed industry insider ‘RalphsValve,’ who has leaked a great deal of CoD-specific intel in recent months.

In an April 4 post, they claimed “NFT inclusion is reportedly being considered by Activision.” While nothing is yet set in stone, and it’s seemingly quite early in the pipeline, it’s allegedly being discussed nonetheless.

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“NFTs have been under review, and in consideration, for a few months,” they said. Given recent backlash to a number of NFT-based gaming projects, however, there’s always a chance it can “fall through.”

There’s no telling exactly how NFTs would be incorporated into the CoD series, if supposed plans go ahead. We could see anything from weapon skins to calling cards provided through the blockchain, in this hypothetical future.

With a broader UI “overhaul” reportedly in the works, with Activision seeking to “personalize” user accounts with more depth than ever before, NFTs could be one such way to enable that.

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Obviously, it’s worth taking this all with a massive grain of salt for now though. There’s every chance these alleged conversations have already ceased in light of ample NFT drama in the gaming industry.

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