Logan Paul reveals insane value of his NFT wallet

Logan Paul speaking on impaulsive podcastYouTube: Impaulsive

YouTube star Logan Paul has revealed the insane value of his NFT wallet, and it would be more than enough for most people to retire instantly.

Much like his fellow influencers, Logan Paul has fallen deep into the world of Non-Fungible Tokens, buying expensive pieces of digital art and even selling them for insane amounts.

With top creators having millions of dollars worth of NFTs in their wallets — FaZe Banks claimed his was worth around $10 million dollars — Logan was not one to miss out on this goldmine.

After selling a World of Women NFT for around $765,000 at the beginning of January 2022, Logan revealed that that barely scrapes the bottom of the barrel.

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Logan Paul and his World of Women NFTYouTube: Impaulsive/World of Women
Logan sold one World of Women NFT for almost as much as he bought his whole collection of 40.

Speaking on his Impaulsive podcast, Logan and the crew got onto the topic of NFTs, speaking about the host’s good fortunes as a result of his sales.

Logan revealed that while he had sold his World of Women NFT for that much, he actually has 38 more from the same collection, meaning he could be due a genuinely mindblowing windfall.

“He bought 38 World of Women at around 2 ETH,” co-host Mike Majlak said. “You know what the floor was upon starting to film this show? … Not too far off [12].”

At the time of writing, the floor price is actually just below 8 ETH, or approximately $23,000. While the title of the video above suggests that Logan’s NFT wallet is worth $20m, 38 World of Women at 8 ETH would actually work out closer to just over $875,000.

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The reality is, though, as proven by his $765k sale, many of his pieces won’t be for those looking to sweep the floor. He might not be making $765k from all of them, but even at floor price he’s making a profit — but he could just as easily be making ten times that amount.