ExtraEmily shocks Nmplol after not cashing cheque worth thousands

Connor Bennett
ExtraEmily alongside dollar bills spread on floorExtraEmily/Unsplash

Twitch star ExtraEmily left fellow OTK member Nick ‘NMPLol’ Pollom stunned after he found an uncashed cheque just sitting in her car worth $2000. 

Becoming a Twitch streamer has become a genuine career path for some, as getting to a sustainable level of income without being a top name is an actual possibility. 

Streamers can make money in plenty of different ways, be it through subscriptions, donations, completing Twitch bounty board listing, or getting their own sponsors. The last one can be incredibly lucrative too, as many streamers have found out over the years, seeing the likes of Ninja team up with Red Bull and beyond. 

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In the case of ExtraEmily, she’s been on the rise on Twitch over the last few months, becoming a part of OTK in the process. While that’s certainly been lucrative, she did take her eye off the ball for one big payment. 

ExtraEmily leaves $2k cheque uncashed and people can’t believe it

She was streaming with fellow OTK member NMPLol for July 4, when, as they were sat in her car after grabbing food, Nick noticed that there was a cheque just sitting in one of the compartments. 

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“Oh yeah, it’s voided because I didn’t turn it in in time,” Emily said after he spotted it. Nick quickly took a look at it and was shocked to find out that it was worth $2000. “What the f*ck! This is for $2000!” he added. 

“It was from the Poker sponsor, it was the money I won from Poker,” Emily replied. “I don’t know why they had to give me a cheque!”

Nick noted that some companies send cheques with a void date because, as in Emily’s case, if it doesn’t get cashed, they don’t have to pay out. Even though they do usually give you a few months to cash it. 

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Plenty of viewers couldn’t believe it either, roasting Emily for leaving that sort of money on the table. So, maybe it’ll be a lesson for the next time she gets a cheque.

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