Mike Majlak defends Euphoria as show garners backlash

zendaya mike majlakHBO/Mike Majlak

YouTuber and podcast co-host Mike Majlak gave a heated defense of the HBO show ‘Euphoria’ amid claims the series glorifies drug use.

The hit drama Euphoria is currently in its second season on HBO, and has developed an absolutely massive fanbase already.

While the series has gotten high praise for its artistry and storytelling, it’s also drawn criticism – some of which is targeted at the show’s portrayal of drug abuse through its protagonist Rue, played by star actress Zendaya.

Mike Majlak reacted to the show’s most recent episode and defended it from the blowback.

mikemajlakMajlak has over 2.5 million subscribers on YouTube.

Mike Majlak praises Euphoria

Euphoria’s fifth episode of season two aired on February 6. Mike appeared in a video of fellow Impaulsive co-host George Janko, titled “Mike got super emotional over Euphoria.”

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The episode served as a breaking point for the show’s lead Rue, whose addiction finally comes to a head.

In the video, Majlak points out how the show reflects America’s opioid epidemic: “This show is f**king important, bro, because it exposes that world that motherf**kers can’t comprehend. The s**t that happens in that world is disgusting and real.”

Mike pulled on his own experiences as someone who lived through drug addiction, describing viewing the episode as “traumatic.”

“Watching that episode last night, she saw what it was like for me to f**king have to see that s**t again. To live in that place again, destroying my family’s lives and destroying my f**king life because of desperation… It’s nasty s**t.”

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He went on to say the show “doesn’t glamorize s**t” when it comes to displaying drug addiction.

(Topic begins at 4:39 )

George, Mike & friends concluded their discussion of the show by putting their hands together and shouting together “No drugs!”

Despite the criticisms, the show has broken viewership records for HBO and is a much-watch for many when it airs on Sunday nights.