Maya reignites Twitch tier list drama by placing Hasan and Amouranth last

Maya tier list dramaTwitch/nmplol

Twitch streamer Maya may have reignited yet another fire on the platform by placing Hasan and Amouranth last in her tier list.

Tier lists have become a part of internet and video game culture. From ranking fighting game fighters, fast food joins and flags – they’re everywhere and allow anyone to rank everything and anything.

Lately, Twitch tier lists have caused an abundance of drama in the community with xQc facing backlash for placing Pokimane and Hasan in B tier for his top steamer list.

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Despite the French Canadian burying the hatchet with the socialist streamer, Maya’s new tier list has already sparked some controversy with her ranking of the site’s funniest content creators.

Maya tempts fate with funniest streamer tier list

While Maya gave Trainwreck and 39daph high placings, she decided to place Amouranth Hasan in F-tier.

“Amouranth has made me laugh before with self-aware jokes. That being said, funny is not what she does,” Maya explained, putting the OnlyFans star in the bottom.

When it came to Hasan, Maya said that while she quite likes him, he has never made her laugh intentionally.

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HasanAbi streaming on TwitchTwitch/Hasanabi
Maya does not find Hasan to be very funny.

“I’m so sorry Hasan, but he’s like way down here,” she said, placing him dead last in F tier, much to the gasp of Nmplol. “He’s not supposed to be funny! He’s not supposed to be a funny streamer. That’s not his thing.”

This decision ultimately made Nmp briefly walk out, perhaps due to the potential drama the placement would cause.

On Reddit, Maya’s ranking of Hasan was met with some scrutiny with users wondering why they were making more tier lists to begin with.

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“Why are they even doing this after the fallout from xQc’s tier list and why is Maya helping them farm drama?” one wrote. “This is the expected result and exactly what they wanted.”

“Maya thinks it’s fine cause they are not trying to be funny but they are all streamers and all try their best to entertain,” another said. “People will look at others’ rating and compare and it never feels good to be ranked at the bottom of anything, especially from a peer.”

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It’s unclear what Amouranth and Hasan will have to say about their placements, but it seems like the Twitch community is already riled up as the tier list drama continues.

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