Pokimane mocks streamer tier list drama after xQc puts her in B tier

. 14 days ago
xQc and Pokimane streaming on Twitch
Twitch: xQc/Pokimane

Twitch star Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys was all smiles after she found out that Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel ranked her as a ‘B-level’ streamer in his tier list which sparked debate among the community.

xQc found himself in the firing line after he ranked 50 of the biggest content creators into his streamer tier list.

While a number of his choices were controversial for fans, some of the streamers who were included in the list, such as HasanAbi, took their ranking to heart.

While xQc landed in hot water with his fellow creators, Pokimane saw the hilarious side of the backlash calling it “as funny as hell.”

Pokimane and xQc joint stream
YouTube: xQc
xQc and Pokimane are known for being good friends and previously teamed up together for a joint stream.

Pokimane jokes about being a B-tier streamer

Pokimane returned to streaming on June 20 after her trip to South Korea, unaware that she had missed all the drama over xQc’s streamer tier list. Fans were also eager to her reaction to him ranking her in the middle B tier.

“xQc put me in B tier? How f**king dare he,” she joked. “He comes to my home, sh*ts in my toilet, farts on my computer chair, and I still treat him with the utmost f**king respect and he’ll put me in B tier beside Hasan?! Are you f**king kidding me?”

Despite her serious tone, she then broke into a smile and laughed: “I’m kidding I don’t give a f**k. But this sh*t was funny as hell.”

After placing Pokimane to his B tier during his ranking session, xQc said that “she could be A if she wanted to” much to the anger of her fanbase.

However, Pokimane wasn’t offended over the comment adding she finds “it so interesting in the things that become like a topic” among streaming fans. She claimed that “a lack of content” is why xQc’s streamer list became so controversial in the first place.

xQc could be facing a potential boxing match with Hasan after he put him in the B-tier alongside Pokimane. Although, for her at least it’s water under the bridge.

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