Fuslie reveals how Mizkif ‘saved’ her during OTV after party

Fuslie and Mizkif streaming on TwitchTwitch: Fuslie/Mizkif

Twitch star Mizkif came to the rescue of his fellow streamer Leslie ‘Fuslie’ Fu after her bedroom became the location of an OfflineTV after party. 

Founded in 2017, OfflineTV has quickly grown into one of the biggest streaming organizations in the industry alongside 100 Thieves and One True King.

Some of the world’s most popular streamers can proudly call themselves a part of the OTV’s inner circle including Pokimane, Disguised Toast, and LilyPichu. Not to mention, the collection of others who have collaborated with the group.

So, it’s no surprise that when the group get together things can get a bit wild. As was the case during one OTV after party which ended up taking place in Twitch streamer Fuslie‘s room as she was trying to sleep.

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Fuslie talks on YouTubeYouTube: Fuslie
Known for her popular GTA RP streams, Fuslie is surrounded by a strong group of friends including Valkyrae and Pokimane.

Mizkif rescues Fuslie from OTV party

On July 3, Fuslie was discussing her antics with her fellow OTV members. Understandably towards the end of the night, she was eager to go to bed.

However, she suddenly found that her room had turned into the after-party and spotting her exhaustion, Mizkif came up with the perfect idea to ensure everyone left her room as soon as possible.

She explained: “A bunch of people were in [my room]. I just accepted after some point. It was fun, it’s just I can’t go to bed now.”

After Mizkif asked her if she wanted help telling people to leave, he supposedly shouted: “Alright everyone, Fuslie and I are going to bed!” Obviously, people started rushing out of the room.

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Fuslie burst into laughter and questioned why Mizkif would make the comment. She also reassured the leaving party guests that he was “kidding.”

Mizkif’s comment may have taken Fuslie by surprise, but it certainly did the trick and allowed her to get some well-needed shut-eye.