Hasan claims he’s buried the hatchet with xQc after Twitch tier list drama

xqc and hasan looking at each otherTwitch: HasanAbi / Twitch: xQc

After a heated back and forth between the two over Twitch power rankings, stars Hasan ‘Hasan’ Piker and Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel have presumably buried the hatchet after meeting up and discussing the situation in person. 

Hasan and xQc have seemingly been at each other’s throats over the last month — all thanks to one tier list. xQc’s controversial streamer power rankings made headlines, and Hasan’s ranking in the B-tier set the commentator off.

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Hasan claimed xQc lowered his ranking because he wouldn’t help promote the juicer’s sponsored gambling stream. He then criticized the popular streamer by calling out his lack of morality.

However, it appears the two have resolved their differences somewhat. Hasan claimed he had met with xQc recently and discussed the situation, effectively burying the hatches — or so Hasan claims.

hasan-warns-tv-show-watching-meta-still-dangerous-for-streamers-despite-twitch-reversing-dmca-strikeTwitch: HasanAbi
Hasan claims he has ended his ‘beef’ with xQc over the French-Canadian’s streamer tier list.

During a July 3 stream, Hasan said: “When I saw him in person, I walked up to him. I shook his hand. I gave him a hug. Said I’m sorry for f**king blowing up like that.” 

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He then continues to say xQc told Hasan “he was sorry as well and that’s it.”

Clearly, the two are attempting to mitigate the situation. But are they actually on good terms now, or is this merely a cease fire?

Conveniently cut from the clip that has gone viral, Hasan says that he “f**king hates that guy. Absolutely hate that f**king dude.”

However, whether it’s tongue-in-cheek satire or whether the two just don’t see eye-to-eye and are willing to move on remains another story entirely — and it’s not worth the speculation.

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It’s hard to tell if there’ll be any more drama between the two. From Hasan’s official public statement, the streamer evidently wants to avoid any further conflict.

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