MatPat rips into Colleen Ballinger with jaw-dropping Streamys skit

Virginia Glaze

YouTube star MatPat delivered a scathing segment taking aim at disgraced creator Colleen Ballinger in a jaw-dropping moment at the Streamy Awards.

Colleen Ballinger is an OG YouTuber who’s best known for her comedic character ‘Miranda Sings’ — but she’s fallen out of favor after a huge scandal rocked the internet earlier this year.

Although allegations surrounding Ballinger’s alleged inappropriate behavior toward young fans have been around since 2020, the accusations kicked up once again in June, with more fans claiming she “exploited” them.

Ballinger infamously responded to the allegations in a ten-minute long video where she sang a song while playing a ukulele, claiming her management team had “strongly advised” her not to “say what I want to say,” but “realized they never said that I couldn’t sing.”

The YouTuber’s apology video, which has since been dubbed ‘Toxic Gossip Train,’ was mocked relentlessly online — and was once again lampooned during the 2023 Streamy Awards.

MatPat shades Colleen Ballinger at the 2023 Streamys

During the Streamys, YouTube star MatPat (of Game Theory fame) took to the stage for a mock “in memoriam” segment, where he poked fun at social media platforms that had taken some major Ls over the past year (including Twitch’s 70/30 sub split drama and Elon Musk’s X/Twitter rebranding).

Throughout the skit, a woman sat in a chair on stage and played the ukulele. It wasn’t until the end, when MatPat went to take away the instrument, that it became clear he was pointing a finger at Colleen Ballinger.

“But it was the tragic loss of this one thing that truly hit the creator community the hardest,” MatPat said. “Something whose train unfortunately left the station with one ill-advised, ten-minute long video.”

MatPat moved to take away the ukulele, saying, “I’m sorry.”

The woman then stood up and said, “No, I’m sorry,” before walking backstage. MatPat gave the crowd a knowing look and said: “Looks like someone knows how to apologize.”

The internet was left with their jaws on the floor at how brazen MatPat was in lambasting Ballinger, who he used to collaborate with before the allegations against her arose.

For now, not much else has come forth from Colleen’s end of things after her lawyers sent a cease and desist letter to YouTuber Ethan Klein... but it accidentally got sent to a fan, instead.