Twitch makes big Partner Plus update after backlash to 70/30 sub split program

Michael Gwilliam
twitch logo and lots of money

Twitch has announced a big update to its Partner Plus program to give more streamers the chance to qualify.

As the streaming wars wage on, Twitch has been under constant attacks by Kick and other platforms for offering a better sub-split, resulting in the Amazon-owned company making some changes.

Back in June, the streaming site launched Partner Plus, which finally gave certain streamers a 70/30 split. There was just one problem, though. Only 2.5% of partners actually qualified by maintaining 350 recurring paid subscriptions for three months in a row.

On August 28, Twitch finally responded to criticisms of the new program by making some changes to how progress is calculated in order for more streamers to qualify.

Twitch update eases qualifications for Partner Plus program

In an update on X, formerly known as Twitter, Twitch revealed that going forward, Partner Plus will put extra emphasis on Tier 3 subs.

Previously, streamers needed 350 recurring paid subs, but now the sub count has been replaced with “points” that are determined sub tiers.

“We’re updating how we calculate progress toward the Partner Plus program. To recognize deeper support from your community, Tier 1, 2, and 3 subs will earn you 1, 2, and 6 points respectively towards qualifying for the program,” Twitch explained.

Basically, if you have one Tier 3 sub and four Tier 1 subs, you’ll have ten points. Under the previous system, you would only have five. This new method makes it a lot easier to reach the 350-goal mark.

“A total of 350 Partner Plus points must be maintained for three consecutive months to qualify for the Partner Plus program. Partner Plus points can be accumulated via any combination of recurring paid Tier 1/2/3 subscriptions,” the site said.

Twitch caused some backlash with its original Partner Plus qualifications.

In the comments, community members seemed pleased with the decision, calling it a “win” for Twitch and “progress in the right direction.”

We’ll have to see how many streamers now qualify with the changes or if another update is implemented in the future. In meantime, keep it locked to Dexerto for everything in the streaming world.