Markiplier throws shade at YouTube after segment was cut from Game On event

Carver Fisher
Markiplier cut from YouTube Game On

Markiplier, one of the biggest YouTubers on the platform, just had his segment cut from the YouTube Game On livestream event with no warning – and judging by his response, he isn’t happy about it.

The YouTube Game On event was marketed as an event where chatters in the stream can make choices to determine the outcome of what’s happening on stream.

Prompts would come up on the screen with choices that viewers got to make, and, depending on which choice chat voted for, things would play out differently on stream.

Big names like Bella Poarch, Sykkuno, and KSI were participating in the event, along with a brief Hot Ones segment. This was a massive live stream event with a ton of creators involved, but someone was missing.

Where’s Markiplier?

Markiplier was set to participate in this event and was even present in the marketing for the event that was put out by YouTube itself. However, fans of Markiplier noticed that his segment of the stream was a bit short.

After the event, Markiplier made a tweet confirming that an entire segment he created for this stream was cut from the final product.

And it wasn’t just him, either. Markiplier collaborated with other YouTubers to put this event together, only for it to be cut.

Markiplier said that his portion of the live stream was cut “without warning”, and that he’s going to upload it on his own YouTube channel instead.

A fan noticed that Markiplier’s name was still in the timestamps for the video, along with the fact that the timestamps are generally out of order and completely inaccurate when compared to the timings on stream.

The only time that Markiplier showed up on stream was a brief cameo right around the 1 hour 17-minute mark in the live stream, which is far off from his set timeslot.

Meanwhile, the main YouTube account put a tweet under Mark’s announcement telling his fans to come into the stream to see the content he made for it.

YouTube has yet to comment on the matter.