Markiplier returns with creepy TikTok trend after “bodies in the water” went viral

Dylan Horetski
Markiplier, SCP Foundation

YouTube star Markiplier has returned to TikTok for the first time since late 2020, and after spotting some curious clues, fans can’t help but think he’s part of the fictional SCP Foundation. 

TikTok has been the home of hundreds of viral internet trends over the last few years, from dances to “ghost riding” your vehicle. You can find just about everything on the short-form video-sharing app. 

Thanks to TikToks For You Page algorithm, a video from the SCP Foundation describing a lake labeled SCP-2316 which is described as an “anomalous sensory phenomena manifest” from late July of this year has resurfaced, terrifying users of the app.

The video proceeds to go on, explaining that “this phenomenon convinces individuals that they recognize the bodies in the lake, and are compelled to aid them, often dying in the process.”

Markiplier, while having over 29.7 million subscribers on his main YouTube channel, is known for his off the wall ideas, including gaming videos, character creations and even a channel project with fellow YouTuber CrankGamePlays called “Unus Annus”.

Together, they uploaded a new video every day with plans to delete the channel after one year, proving that everything has a beginning and an end. 

Markiplier returns to TikTok

Since his return to TikTok, he has posted six videos, with five of them being variations of the photo crop filter trend. The sixth is the one that has piqued the interest of many users. 

In a video captioned “just a fun little Q&A,” Markiplier starts the video off by displaying the questions, “Why are you on TikTok?” and “How is Chica?” followed by, “Do you recognize the bodies in the water?” all while the screen gets darker and darker, similar to how the eerie fashion the videos on the scp_realised account are edited.

Is Markiplier behind the SCP Foundation? 

There are a few things that could potentially back up his involvement in the fictional project. The project is called the SCP Foundation, and documents a fictional organization that locates and contains entities that violate natural law.

Not only is the YouTuber known for his creative and off-the-wall ideas, the timing of his TikTok return line up with more videos being posted on the scp_realised account – as well known facts about the fictional foundation being “located” under a lake less than three hours away from the town he grew up and started his career in. Many are considering the connection between Markiplier and SCP, including many comments on the TikTok video and throughout Twitter. 

What is the trend that Markiplier used in the SCP Reference video?

The Q&A Trend – which is recorded with various hand movements in sync with the song “The Magic Bomb” by Hoàng Read – has been viral on TikTok for a few weeks now with over 3.3 million videos recorded to this sound, including a recent one by JoJo Siwa. Its been one of the most popular ways for big creators to answer common questions people ask in their comments.