Markiplier gives health update after Korea trip ends in illness

Virginia Glaze
markiplier gives fans health update after illness

YouTube star Markiplier has returned to the internet after catching an illness while traveling abroad to film an upcoming project.

Mark ‘Markiplier’ Fischbach is one of YouTube’s most prominent content creators. Boasting over 33 million subscribers and regularly topping the site’s trending page, he’s become a household name in the decade since starting his channel back in 2012.

While Mark’s regular upload schedule sees him publish videos multiple times a week, this past week saw him push out a little less content than usual, sparking concerns from fans.

The YouTuber gave his viewers an update on September 16, revealing that he’d caught that particular virus, but assuring fans that he was alright and in recovery.

He made his official return to YouTube over the weekend, going live on September 24 to explain what exactly had happened while he was out of commission.

According to the influencer, he’d taken a trip to Korea to film an upcoming documentary about his mother’s book, called ‘Markiplier from North Korea.’

However, during his trip back home to the States, he caught the bug that put the entire world on hold — and described his symptoms as less than desirable.

“I somehow made it this entire time without catching it, and recently I went to Korea, and on the way back — boy howdy, did I catch it,” he explained. “And boy howdy, does it suck.”

Markiplier updates fans on dog Chica’s health

Markiplier wasn’t the only one having health complications, either; he also claimed that his beloved pup, Chica, had suffered from heat stroke due to a combo of a “small infection” she’d picked up as well as the LA heat wave that took place while he was traveling.

“While we were in Korea we got a call that said Chica, unfortunately, suffered from heat stroke. Now that sounds really scary, I know, and it was. …you can imagine our fear while we were in a completely different country and hear such news.”

Luckily, both he and Chica are now in good health, with the YouTuber even bringing his good-natured Golden Retriever on camera for fans to see.

This isn’t the first time Mark has been taken out of commission by health issues; back in April, the star documented his stay at a hospital in a humorous string of tweets — one of which said his doctors were “waiting with bated breath for me to fart” so he could be discharged.

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