Mark Zuckerberg’s BBQ sauce steals the show at Meta announcement


Social media users are confused after someone spotted a bottle of BBQ sauce in the background of Facebook’s name change announcement video. 

The biggest social platform in the world recently announced that they’re changing the name of the company to Meta. With this change, they’re not going to make changes to the existing social media platform. Instead, Meta is going to act as the umbrella company covering Facebook, WhatsApp, Oculus, and more.

This past April, social media was left intrigued after Mark Zuckerberg was seen sporting a face full of sunscreen while surfing in Hawaii and a few months later he was showing his wacky side again by waving an American flag while riding his electric surfboard.

Facebook’s founder and CEO is confusing social media again by slyly showing off his love for Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce in the background of the recent announcement video.

facebook is now metaMeta
Facebook announced they are changing their name to Meta recently.

Mark Zuckerberg BBQ sauce

Right after the video of the companies name change went live, users flocked to Twitter to roast the social media mogul.

People on the platform called the founder a “robot” and claimed that the whole video was an AI simulation.

When someone noticed the bottle of barbeque sauce in the background, it was used as a way to back up these absurd claims.

Other people just simply questioned why Zuckerberg had the bottle of sauce on his decorative shelf, seemingly being used as a bookend: “Why does he have sweet baby rays bbq on the decorative shelf.”

While the placement of the sauce bottle may seem rather peculiar to some, it appears that it’s simply an easter egg to show off the CEO’s love for the brand of sauce.

In what appears to be an early video, Zuckerberg explained his love for being outside and cooking meat on the grill — and happened to name drop the sauce brand dozens of times.

While many people may still be convinced that Mark is just an AI simulation built to control our minds with social media, it’s pretty clear that the bottle was just placed to show off the founder’s love for the brand.