Twitch bans streamer after bizarre twerking incident at Mitch Jones concert

garretla banned from Twitch after twerking at concertTwitch/garretla

A Twitch streamer has been banned after attending a Mitch Jones concert when an opening act randomly showed too much skin.

Before Garret could even get a chance to stream Jones’ show, however, one of the opening acts started twerking with fire being spun around her. While it started out as a safe broadcast, things got a bit too crazy when she pulled her pants down.

Despite Garret pulling the camera away and refocusing it back to himself, the damage was already done. To make matters worse, shortly thereafter he put the camera back on the woman for a brief moment.

“What the f**k is this?!” he gasped. “That’s TOS.”

Twitch streamer banned after concert’s opening act antics

Unfortunately for Garret, he was right and this stunt resulted in Twitch banning him from the platform.

Twitch’s Community Guidelines state, “if accidental nudity appears on your stream, we expect you to take immediate action, remove the content, and take precautionary steps so it won’t happen again. You should not focus your stream on anyone violating our clothing or sexual content standards; you will be held accountable for doing so to the same extent as if you were violating the standards yourself.”

In a Twitter conversation with Mitch Jones, Garret revealed he may not have saw her body exposed originally and thought the act would just involve fire spinners. He also stated her body was on stream for just two seconds.

“I woulda turned that cam away as soon as I heard that chick,” Mitch said.

So far, GarretLA hasn’t revealed how long the ban will last for, but considering it’s only his first, chances are it will short-lived. It’s also unclear if he has any plans to appeal the suspension.

Hopefully, the ban doesn’t last too long and Garret can get back to IRL streaming on Twitch in no time.