Mang0 has hilarious response to Sykkuno and Ludwig Twitch raid

Alan Bernal
mang0 cloud9 sykkuno twitchMang0 / Sykkuno Twitch

Super Smash Bros. Melee legend Joseph ‘Mang0’ Marquez got a massive raid by popular Twitch streamers Ludwig and Sykkuno, but he wasn’t too sure on who the latter was – and his best guess was priceless.

Throughout his Melee career, Mang0’s never been someone to mince words or give out unfiltered reactions to everything across esports or the broader gaming/streaming communities as he sees them.

Sykkuno is one of Twitch’s fastest growing streamers of 2020, and still going strong in 2021. While not everyone’s tuned into one of his broadcasts, his name has been floating around different parts of the streaming world.

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That might have happened with Mang0, who seems to have heard about the rising streamer in passing, but wasn’t really sure about the guy. But there’s still an expected courtesy on Twitch to give some gratitude to whoever subs, raids, or hosts your channel.

Though he couldn’t exactly place the name, the Cloud9 lifer did have an idea of Sykkuno – though it’s not something many would say out loud.

“Wait, is Sykkuno the guy every 13-year-old girl wants to bang?” Mang0 said, in that ‘Mang0’ way that isn’t an insult but still brazen in its delivery.

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Funnily enough, the interaction was brought up by something the sport’s world calls a ‘bang-bang play,’ in that it was an action derived directly from another action that happened moments before.

See Sykkuno didn’t exactly raid Mang0, he raided Ludwig. Not knowing who to toss the raid to before ending the stream himself, Sykkuno saw Ludwig playing chess and hit the /raid function.

sykkuno michael reeves disguised toast youtube facebook gaming twitchSykkuno YouTube
Sykkuno has been seen with big streaming stars before, and a Mang0 co-stream would be the left field collab to boost both personalities.

This happened just as Ludwig was also ending his six-and-a-half hour broadcast, looking for someone on his list of streamers to pass the raid to.

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This all went down in the span of about a minute, which could account for why Mang0 got a notification that both Sykkuno and Ludwig raided him seemingly at the same time.

Twitch works in mysterious ways, so while the two didn’t really cross paths, a stream between both personalities could be a collaboration in, something like Valorant, that would make people tune in.

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