Smash pro Mang0 says Riot’s burger gift is more than “Nintendo ever did”

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Super Smash Bros Melee pro Joseph ‘Mang0’ Marquez called out Nintendo live on a Valorant broadcast after Riot did more for him in just ten seconds.

The Smash community’s relationship with Nintendo is a controversial one, with the Japanese gaming juggernaut not being as supportive of its esports scene as other titles.

Over the years, Nintendo has shut down multiple tournaments including Smash appearing at EVO and most recently, the Smash World Tour, which would have been the biggest event of all time.

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While appearing at the VCT Americas league, Mang0 found himself being interviewed on stream and was asked to compare the Riot event to tournaments featuring Nintendo’s flagship fighting game.

Mang0 roasts Nintendo after Riot gives him a burger

During the broadcast, Mang0 was asked about his experience being in the Riot Games arena and how it holds up to Smash events being played in big convention centers.

Not missing a beat, Mang0 wavedashed right into position to hit Nintendo with a blistering smash attack for the company’s treatment of the Melee community.

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“So, Riot brought me a burger, which is more than Nintendo’s ever done for me,” he said to profound applause from the audience. “I’ve been here for ten seconds and I’m loving it, man.”

Nintendo has been notorious for its lack of involvement in Smash tournaments, especially when it comes to providing any money for prize pools. Infamously, its prize at EVO Japan was a controller, which Shuton nearly broke.

It’s not clear what kind of burger Mang0 received from Riot Games, but the Melee God’s message was so strong, even C9 used the opportunity to share the clip of the Falso main’s thoughts on Twitter.

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Only time will tell if Nintendo steps up its game when the next Smash game is inevitably released.

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