Apex Legends streamer Mande claims strong abilities have pushed people away from playing

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TSM streamer Mikkel ‘Mande’ Hestbek believes Apex Legends no longer feels like its original self as he says he can’t watch professional scrims anymore. 

Over the past few seasons, a number of Apex Legends fans and personalities have urged Respawn to make some sweeping changes. 

Many of these complaints have centered around legends being too strong, the servers not holding up, and just a general lack of excitement around the battle royale compared to the early days. 

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A number of pros have walked away from the game, but, in the case of Mande, he’s continued to play it despite the fact he’s not competing anymore.

Mande says he no longer watches Apex Legends games

However, the Dane has stated he can longer watch the battle royale, specifically professional games, because of all the changes the game has gone through. 

“There are a lot of people that like Apex but don’t like playing it, they just watch it. I completely understand if they don’t play it anymore. Dude, I can’t watch it anymore,” the former pro said during a recent stream. 

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Mande also noted the battle has become “75% ability and 25% shooter” whereas, originally, it was meant to be way more shooter-focused. “It’s just like, the game is not the game anymore – it’s not the same. There’s no way I’m the only one who thinks that. Sometimes, simple is just better,” he added. 

The Dane added that the abilities have become “too strong” and he’d remove around “50%” of things if he was given the option to make changes. 

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“Me, personally, it ruins the game. It makes it not fun anymore,” he continued, urging Respawn to stop “pumping out” new legends. 

The Apex devs have previously said they’d slow their roll on adding legends every season and use some opportunities to overhaul pre-existing ones. Though, it remains to be seen if they’ll heed Mande’s call.

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