Man faceplants door during IRL Twitch broadcast

An IRL streamer was enjoying dinner in Japan when a man trying to enter the restaurant made a hilarious disruption after losing a battle with the door.

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Thousands of people tune in daily to Twitch to watch IRL streams, as the unpredictably of the real world can be thrilling for audiences since literally anything can happen.

An Australian streamer that broadcasts from Japan proved this point when a man unexpectedly disrupted his dinner at a restaurant in Tokyo by slamming face first into a glass door, and startling everyone. 

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Twitter: @robcdee_The Australian streamer lives in Japan, and broadcasts from Tokyo to his thousands of viewers.
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IRL streamer ‘robcdee’ is currently lives in Japan, and broadcasts his life in the city for his audience. During his October 28 stream, he was talking to his chat while eating a tasty meal at a restaurant, when a man in the background approached the glass door and slammed right into it, falling down to the ground.

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After a loud bang rang out from the man hitting the door, the streamer turned to look towards him laying on the floor and exclaimed “What the heck? Did that guy just walk into the door!?” He couldn’t help but crack a smile, as he held back from laughing.

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The man was eventually helped up and walked into the restaurant, shuffling behind the streamer. After the defeated man walked off screen, the Twitch personality finally broke and let out a laugh, and told his chat “He went straight for the restroom!” and grabbed the camera to show them the area behind him before laughing some more.

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As the IRL streamer went to finish eating, another man approached the glass window and his chat told him to “Look behind you!” At first he was baffled, wondering if another person has walked into the door, before realizing that it was an employee. “Oh, he’s gonna try to clean the door!” he informed his chat, as the stumbling man had left a mark on the glass when hitting it. 

According to his bio, robcdee is a 29-year-old English streamer that was raised in Australia, but immigrated to Japan in 2013 where he currently lives, and does IRL streams on Twitch for his growing audience. 

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The Twitch personality gives viewers from around the world a tour of Tokyo, and even takes questions from those in the chat about the best places to eat or visit. As of the time of this article, the streamer has over 11k followers 

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