Man accidentally destroys Barbie photo op after photobombing woman

Kawter Abed
Man accidentally ruining Barbie photo op after photobombing woman

A theatergoer went viral on TikTok after accidentally destroying a Barbie photo op while trying to photobomb a woman.

Content creator Jessica Kann had joined a group of friends to watch the Barbie movie when they decided to take pictures using the film’s popular life-sized Barbie box.

However, as she posed in the box, a random man appeared out of nowhere and used the opportunity for a quick photobomb. Unfortunately, he ended up accidentally destroying the whole display.

Theatergoer accidentally ruins photo op

In a viral clip shared by Jessica, she’s seen in the box as the unknown man approached, sticking his head into the box, before losing his balance and bringing the entire display down.

“When a random theatergoer tries to photobomb your Barbie pics and ends up accidentally destroying the whole thing,” the TikToker captioned the video. “Bye bye Barbie box.”

Many TikTok users compared the epic fail to the plot of the Barbie movie, pointing out the irony of male entitlement ruining the fun of a group of women. “The plot comes to life,” one commented. “This is so symbolic of the film,” another added.

“This has Mojo Dojo Casa House written all over it,” a third wrote. “Guys this is basically the whole movie summarised,” someone else said.

One user wanted to know what happened after the incident, to which Jessica responded: “After we got out of the box he asked if I was okay and I asked if he was and we were both fine and then he left.”

In a follow-up clip, the TikToker shared some pictures that she and her friends took with the now-damaged box. “Employees held up the box for us to take a few photos (as seen here) but sadly it had to go,” she wrote in the caption.

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