Mads Lewis responds to accusations of ‘copying’ Nessa Barrett & Jaden Hossler

Jaden Hossler and Nessa Barrett next to Mads LewisInstagram: nessabarrett / madslewis

TikToker Mads Lewis has denied claims she ‘copied’ her Instagram caption from her ex Jaden Hossler, and his current girlfriend Nessa Barrett, revealing she has them both blocked.

The internet was ablaze back in April after it was revealed that Mads Lewis’ ex, Jaden Hossler, had got into a relationship with Josh Richards’ ex Nessa Barrett.

Not long after things ended with Mads, Jaden went public with his new relationship, with him and Nessa seen cozying up in paparazzi images and social media posts.

The pair were met with a flood of hate from fans online, and the situation is still brought up to this day, months later.

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Nessa Barrett and Jaden HosslerInstagram: Nessa Barrett, Jaden Hossler
Jaden and Nessa’s new relationship has prompted a lot of drama.

Now, some have claimed Mads’ new Instagram caption is suspiciously similar to a comment Jaden left on one of Nessa’s posts. TikTok user Hannah Kosh made a video where she showed Jaden’s comment, that read: “You are everything I’ve wanted and more.”

She then showed Mads’ caption to a picture with her new partner, which was a similar quote, “you’re everything I’ve ever wanted.”

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While some commenters on the video claimed that Mads is “obsessed” with Nessa and Jaden, the star was quick to write her own reply under the video to clarify the similarity in captions.

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“I have them both blocked and don’t even see their stuff nor do I care,” she commented. “Just a coincidence, y’all really try to make something out of everything. Lol.”

Mads Lewis comments on a TikTok

In the replies to her comment, some still claimed that Mads “copied” Nessa, but others defended the star, saying that people just want drama.

Despite being several months on from the initial drama back in April, it still seems as though fans are keeping a close eye out for any sign of tension between the four. But with Mads having Jaden and Nessa blocked, it looks as though there’s not going to be public online drama between them anytime soon.

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