Vitor Belfort offers to train Bryce Hall after viral KO: “I see a lot of toughness in you”

Vitor Belfort offers to train Bryce HallYouTube: Bryce Hall

UFC legend Vitor Belfort has officially extended a helping hand to TikTok star Bryce Hall, offering to train the influencer after knocking him off his feet in the boxing ring.

Influencer boxing continues to steamroll both the world of combat sports and the social media sphere, with more and more content creators stepping into the ring to show off their physical prowess.

Bryce Hall is one such influencer, who took to the boxing ring on June 12 to face off against YouTuber Austin McBroom in the Battle of the Platforms. While Hall ended up losing his debut bout, he isn’t down for the count just yet.

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After KO’ing a German influencer in his own backyard, Hall went on to spar against Brazilian mixed martial artist Vitor Belfort — one of the most prolific knockout artists in the UFC.


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While the experience he gained from this sparring match is likely invaluable, he took a few body blows before bowing out, falling to his feet with a few audible groans.

Luckily for Hall, it doesn’t look like his tutelage under the greats is over. Upon knocking Hall to his knees, Vitor offered to train the Sway House star while the UFC legend gears up for his own upcoming exhibition match against Oscar De La Hoya in September.

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“I see a lot of toughness in you, but you are a bull who has to be trained,” Belfort said in complete Rocky fashion. “I wanna ask you guys to find him an opponent, the same day I fight Oscar. You come, you train like a fighter. My rules become your rules. Find you an opponent, I’ll be your trainer.”

Belfort’s inspiring words prompted a round of applause from those assembled, which Hall celebrated by giving his “Adrian” (read: TikToker Riley Hubatka) a smooch.

(Sparring match begins at 3:14)

While there’s no telling who Hall will take on next, fans can look forward to the TikToker potentially stepping in the boxing ring once again come September — this time, with a lot more experience under his belt.

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