Madison Beer admits she’s a big xQc fan in her first ever Twitch stream

Jacob Hale
Madison Beer and xQc side by side image during Twitch streams

In her debut Twitch stream, singer Madison Beer was fielding questions from her chat while trying to get to grips with livestreaming when she was asked about the other streamers she watches or has watched, and was full of kind words for Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel.

Madison Beer is best known as a pop artist, kicking off her career by posting cover songs on YouTube, which were discovered and shared by Justin Bieber, helping to kickstart her success.

Since then, she’s regularly popped up across social media, doing far more than just her music, including a lot of TikTok content in the past.

Now, she’s taking to the livestreaming world, starting her Twitch channel and going live to speak to fans in a more informal setting.

Madison Beer “loves” xQc streams

When asked about the streamers she watches or likes, Madison Beer came up with one name that immediately got his fans talking: xQc.

“I think xQc is really funny,” she said. “I love watching his streams … I don’t know, I just think xQc is funny.”

She also got visibly excited when someone said that “xQc is in,” thinking they might mean that the Canadian Twitch star is actually watching her stream.

Immediately, xQc’s fans started sharing the clip far and wide, proudly proclaiming that Madison Beer is a juicer in one of the more unlikely crossovers you’ll see on Twitch this year.

xQc can’t believe Madison Beer watches his streams: “Is this AI?”

It wasn’t long until xQc caught wind of Beer’s comments about him, but it looks like he couldn’t believe the singer was actually a fan of his. He reacted to the news during one of his own streams, where he accused her of being “AI” at first.

“Okay, chat, is that an AI stream?” he asked. “It is! It’s real? Well, that’s really nice.”

He also joked with his fans that they should clean up any controversial statements he may have made in the past… seemingly in an attempt to look a bit better to Madison Beer.

This wouldn’t be the first time he’s conscripted his fanbase to hit up a celebrity, notably sliding into rapper Ice Spice’s DMs earlier this year.