Madison Beer goes viral after roasting a body-shaming commenter

Virginia Glaze

Singer and Twitch streamer Madison Beer went viral after giving a body-shaming commenter a taste of his own medicine, sparking an online debate regarding fan behavior.

Madison Beer is a singer, influencer, and a budding Twitch streamer. Best known for her career as a music artist, Beer has picked up a prominent online following alongside three album releases since 2018.

Boasting over 18 million followers on TikTok and 37 million on Instagram, Beer has been a social media icon for many years now — but she recently picked up streaming in June 2023, acquiring an entirely new sort of audience in the process.

Since then, she’s managed to accrue over half a million followers on her Twitch channel… but unfortunately, not all of her viewers are leaving positive remarks online.

Madison Beer is a hugely popular internet icon as well as a singer/songwriter.

Madison Beer hits back at body-shaming commenter

Like any prominent celebrity, Madison has received her fair share of mean comments and speculation over the years… but one commenter prompted her to hit back at them after they made a lengthy statement regarding her weight.

“Hey Madison, I’ve noticed that your legs and arms are getting fatter,” the commenter wrote on TikTok. “Please do some cardio, because we men only like skinny girls. Your face is already perfect, but please, we love a thin-waisted girl.”

Madison Beer hit back at him with a remark about his own looks, saying: “I wouldn’t touch you with a ten-foot pole if you paid me a million dollars.”

That wasn’t the end of the exchange, though. The commenter responded to the situation in a series of posts via his Instagram stories, where he revealed he suffers from mental health problems.

“Hey Madison, maybe you should know that I’m already depressed,” they wrote. “I am bipolar, and I’m extremely depressed and my biggest crush saying this to me has broke my heart.”

“I always supported you even though your songs aren’t that good,” they continued. “I thought you were a good human being. You can’t just say this to your fans. Thanks for making me more sad, Madison. Thanks a lot.”

The commenter responded to Madison Beer’s insults.

That’s not all; he also posted a screenshot of several DMs he’d supposedly sent to Beer, calling her his “biggest crush” and “wifey.”

However, seemingly in response to Beer’s comment at him, he wrote: “No way you just commented something so rude like that.”

The fan posted several messages he’d sent to Beer.

This situation has prompted quite a debate online regarding parasocial relationships with influencers and the prevalence of body-shaming that occurs on social media.

This is far from the first time that Madison Beer has been body-shamed. In fact, the influencer purportedly deleted a video after a commenter took issue with a video she made showing off her bikini body in May.