Maddie Ziegler of Dance Moms revealed her mom apologized for past trauma 

Molly Byrne

Former Dance Moms athlete and TikTok star, Maddie Ziegler, divulged her experience while on the hit show and opened up about the trauma her mom would eventually apologize for.

It’s no surprise that Maddie Ziegler, who used to participate in the show Dance Moms when she was 7 years old, has feelings about how the popular series shaped who she is.

Not only that, but she’s also expressed how her mother, Melissa Ziegler-Gisoni, added to the trauma of her experience.

Since exiting the show in 2016, Maddie has experienced panic attacks, saying, “Things were coming up from the past.”

Maddie Ziegler is shown in the trailer to "Music."

Maddie Ziegler explained how her mom apologized for putting her on ‘Dance Moms’

On the ‘High Low with EmRata’ podcast, Maddie expressed many behind-the-scenes experiences she had on the show that prompted this trauma. 

As the “lead” dancer of Dance Moms, both Maddie’s spirit and physicality were put to the test at a very young age. She also explained how, when she was put in a room alone with those on set, she wouldn’t know how to answer them when they asked her to say she was the best, as she was less than 13 years old while participating in the show.

Now, as a 20-year-old, Maddie has experienced anxiety that resulted in her calling her mom to talk about her time on Dance Moms and how it’s affected her throughout all the years. To her surprise, Maddie’s mom apologized, saying, “I’m so sorry that I put you through that.”

After Maddie performed in singer SIA’s Chandelier music video in 2014, she explained how the well-known personality tried to help her exit her contract with Dance Moms in addition to her own mom, Melissa, trying everything she could to get Maddie out of her television dancing requirements. 

Although the workload and verbal communication from Dance Moms coach, Abby Lee Miller, was fairly abusive, Maddie knew that her own mom, Melissa, wasn’t the one to blame, saying, “She would never want to hurt us. None of us knew how crazy it would get.”

Maddie may have had to lead her team to victory for six seasons, but has grown since leaving the show. Though she experienced trauma from the Dance Moms, she explained how grateful she is for the series, saying, “It’s helped me with so many opportunities.”

As stated before, Maddie is tied to the singer SIA. Though Maddie has worked with her on multiple projects, SIA was highly criticized for portraying Maddie as autistic in her movie, ‘Music’. Here’s the latest news on how fans took to the casting.