Ludwig reveals his “dream car” was stolen during LA power outage

Dylan Horetski
Ludwig Mogul Mail

YouTube star Ludwig has revealed that his “dream car” was stolen from his warehouse during a recent power outage due to storms in LA.

When it comes to how he gets around the streets of LA, YouTube star Ludwig is best known for how much he loves his Vespa scooter.

Back in August 2022, he added his “dream car,” a Subaru Sambar mini truck, to his collection and kept it stored at the warehouse where he and his crew film The Yard podcast, among various other content.

In a Mogul Mail video on February 28, Ludwig revealed that someone stole the Subaru from his warehouse during a power outage caused by storms in Los Angeles.

Ludwig reveals his “dream car” was stolen in LA

In the video, Ludwig explained that the recent storms in LA led to a power outage at his warehouse and how it led to the theft of his “dream car.”

He revealed that The Yard co-host Aiden was at the warehouse when the power outage happened and couldn’t open the security gate to leave the property. Luckily, the producer of their podcast came and got the gate open — but couldn’t close it before leaving.

Unfortunately, this allowed the robber to come in and steal Ludwig’s mini truck.

“Through this rainstorm, a thief in the night came to our warehouse, went into my car, somehow jacked it, and disappeared from the crime scene,” Ludwig said.

He went on to say that he knew he could go get another mini truck (it was only $7,000), but he was pretty fond of the one he had due to the mileage that was on it.

Fortunately, just one day later and Ludwig was able to track down the vehicle and get it back. While specific details on its whereabouts remained unclear, the car is now in possession of Ludwig once again.

This isn’t the first time an LA-based YouTube star has gotten their car stolen either, as Myth’s car was stolen back in January.

Myth was able to find his car rather quickly, and now we know Ludwig was met with similar luck too.