Ludwig furious after losing his Pokemon Nuzlocke run to a level 5 Cyndaquil

Ludwig during his March 28 streamYouTube: Ludwig

YouTube star Ludwig Ahgren was fuming after his permadeath Pokemon Nuzlocke run of a fan game was lost to a level 5 Cyndaquil.

The Pokemon franchise is no stranger to fan-made content and community-modified versions of the popular games.

Ludwig Anders Ahgren, better known simply as Ludwig, has a rich past of playing Pokemon games, often undergoing self-imposed challenges such as the “Nuzlocke.”

The challenge stipulates that the player can only catch 1 Pokemon per area, any Pokemon that are knocked out must be permanently discarded, and running out of Pokemon is considered an instant game over and the current save must be deleted.

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Ludwig attempted the challenge during his March 28 stream as a throwback to his early days of content creation while playing a modified version of the game called “Pokemon Mogul Emerald” that features many references to Ludwig and streamers associated with him. However, his first run ended abruptly.

Ludwig furious at losing to a low-level Cyndaquil

Ludwig started the first run of “Mogul Emerald” picking the grass-type Trecko starter and eventually reached the first fight with the rival character. The rival and her level 5 fire-type Cyndaquil proved to be a much bigger issue than Ludwig initially assumed they would be.

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When the enemy Cyndaquil’s HP was in the red it managed to score a critical hit against Ludwig’s Pokemon and down them from almost full health which both surprised and enraged the streamer.

“What the f**k!? There’s no way! No, no, no, no, hold, hold, hold, do I have to f**king reset? Does that even count? There’s no way I just got boomed like that,” was Ludwig’s reaction to the surprise crit that ended his first run.

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Ludwig immediately started a second run that was much more successful, although that one also ended in failure at almost 4 hours into the game. After that Ludwig wrapped up the stream for the day.

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