Ludwig fans force streamer to tease "Subathon 2" after losing YouTube wager - Dexerto

Ludwig fans force streamer to tease “Subathon 2” after losing YouTube wager

Published: 27/Jan/2022 4:08

by Brad Norton


Ludwig Ahgren was forced to bait his fans on Twitter by teasing an announcement for ‘Subathon 2.0,’ a fake follow-up to his record-shattering 2021 Twitch stream.

We’re fast approaching the first anniversary of Ludwig’s biggest endeavor. It’s been 10 months since Ludwig skyrocketed to the top of Twitch as a result of his immensely popular 31-day subathon

While plenty has changed over the following year for the now-YouTube exclusive streamer, he’s made one thing abundantly clear since ending that historic broadcast: Ludwig has vowed to “never” do it again.

Although he’s open to marathon streams, the North American star has no intention of committing to a full-fledged subathon anytime soon.


Knowing this full well, viewers in his January 26 stream found the perfect moment to force his hand. By losing a YouTube wager and having some poor luck, Ludwig found himself teasing ‘Subathon 2.0,’ all against his will.

Ludwig streaming on YouTube
YouTube: Ludwig
Ludwig’s YouTube viewers voted in favor of the Subathon 2.0 bait.

A common event on Ludwig’s channel is a ‘spin the wheel challenge.’ In this instance, the streamer reacted to a range of clips and if he happened to laugh, the wheel would start spinning.

On each segment of the wheel was a different task. Some were positive, forcing Ludwig to ‘love raid’ another streamer. But others like ‘dying hair’ were a little riskier. It just so happened that an hour into this challenge, the wheel landed on: Chat Tweets on My Account.


With suggestions immediately piling up, it was down to viewers to vote on what Ludwig’s Twitter account should send out next. 

Without hesitation, the very first suggestion made it through: the majority of fans watching along voted for Ludwig to tweet a teaser of a new subathon.

“The problem is, the 30,000 people in here are a fraction of the 1.2 million people that follow me [on Twitter],” Ludwig said. “It would create some uproar.”

“Bad idea?” he questioned moments before hitting the bright blue ‘tweet’ button. “It can’t be that bad. Realistically, me announcing a subathon changes nothing about peoples day to day lives.”


Within seconds, the tweet exploded on social media thousands reacting to the ‘news.’ “This is such a bad idea,” he laughed moments after seeing the reception.

While Ludwig is clearly against a repeat of his famous 2021 subathon, he told fans if it ever did happen, “this is how [he] would actually announce it.”

Although the forced tweet has set the internet ablaze once again, don’t hold your breath for Ludwig to change his mind: “Follow through? No f***ing shot.”