Ludwig reveals story of why Snapchat fired him before his streaming career took off

Ludwig talking to microphone with Snapchat logoYouTube: Ludwig/Snapchat

Streaming star Ludwig ‘Ludwig’ Ahgren has revealed the story behind his exit from Snapchat as he may have had a bit of a bizarre reason for leaving. 

No matter if you’re big from Twitch, TikTok, YouTube, or another platform, fans are desperate to know the ins and outs of a content creator’s life. That includes their backstory and what they did beforehand.

Many of the biggest streamers have gaming experience and tech experience beforehand – with some of the biggest streamers crossing over from the worlds of esports, game development, and coding.

That goes for Ludwig who, in a massive deal, recently swapped Twitch for YouTube. While many fans followed him over, he’s also gained some new ones who want to know all about him.

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Ludwig stunned on first YouTube stream.YouTube: Ludwig
Ahgren exploded on Twitch, then made the big-money move to YouTube.

So, in a recent stream, the former Twitch star dished on how he used to work for Snapchat – yes, Snapchat – but had a bit of an unusual reason for why he may have left the company.

“Snapchat was sick, but I stole a lot from the workplace,” Ludwig said. Now, he wasn’t taking home secret technology or filling his pocket full of pens and other stationery, but he was instead raiding the fridges.

“A lot of the newer companies will have a lot of benefits like fridges stocked with La Croix and Babybel,” he explained. “What I would, allegedly, do is I would bring like a grocery bag and Friday night I would drive to work and I would fill two grocery bags and I’d go home so I could eat it on the weekend because I was broke.”

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The streaming star noted he wasn’t entirely certain that’s the reason why he got fired, but they probably weren’t best pleased with the practice.

Things worked out regardless, given that he was a major success on Twitch and is planning on using his YouTube deal to host some massive Smash esports events moving forward.