Ludwig explains the problem with sponsored gambling streams after Adin Ross leaks deal

Georgina Smith
Ludwig next to Adin Ross
Twitch: Ludwig / Instagram: adinross

Twitch streamer Ludwig has revealed what he thinks one of the “problematic” parts of sponsored gambling streams is after Adin Ross accidentally leaked his earnings while live on stream.

Adin Ross and Ludwig bumped heads in May when Adin slammed Ludwig and his friends for “disrespecting” his viewers during a live stream, calling them “unfunny streamers” and claiming that only “fat, pimple-faced four-eyed people with social problems” watched them.

Although Ludwig reached out privately to try and diffuse the situation, the drama continued after many claimed Adin ‘almost’ called him a homophobic slur, and floods of hate started to pour into Ludwig’s stream.

In a June 9 Twitch stream, Adin managed to accidentally leak some private messages with ‘Duelbits’ that suggested his group was getting paid around $1.6 million for gambling streams, which stunned many fans.

Adin Ross announcement
Twitch: AdinRoss
Adin Ross has has surged in popularity on Twitch recently.

Now in his June 18 stream, Ludwig has shared what he thinks one of the key issues with some gambling streams are.

“I think gambling as a whole is fine,” he said, “I think what can be problematic is sponsored gambling streams where it’s perceived that the person is gambling their own money, but they’re instead gambling money they were paid for.”

“Didn’t Adin Ross’s contract get leaked and he was said to have been paid like $1.6 million across all of his friends to gamble? Which is crazy, that’s f**king nuts that he’s making that amount of money, and the reason he’s making that amount of money is one, because he has a giant user base, but two, because the casinos plan to make it back.”

Ludwig then reminded viewers that he himself is also sponsored by Americas Cardroom for poker, and that he’s sponsored to gamble on stream, but that any blackjack he does is always his own money.

“It’s not beef, I mean I think it’s fine, I am literally also sponsored to gamble on stream, I play poker for money,” he said.

It doesn’t seem as though Ludwig is looking to reignite any drama with Adin, but it goes to show how many streamers are getting sponsored to gamble while live on stream.