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Ludwig explains how his Streamer Awards victory over xQc was a “bummer”

Published: 14/Mar/2022 20:24

by Brent Koepp


YouTuber Ludwig opened up about how his Streamer of the Year win at The Streamer Awards had become a distraction. The 26-year-old called the “shock” around him winning over xQc a “bummer.”

The first-ever Streamer Awards was held in Los Angeles, CA on March 12. The event, hosted by QTCinderella, honored the live content creators who had the largest impact on their industry over the last year.

Some viewers were shocked when Ludwig Ahgren took home the biggest prize over Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel. The former Smash pro revealed he feels that the debate around his win has started to take away from the ceremony


YouTuber Ludwig accepting streamer of the year at the Streamer Awards screenshot.
Twitch: QTCinderella
The popular YouTuber won Streamer of the Year at the first-ever Streamer Awards.

Ludwig reacts to the controversy around Streamer of the Year win

During the red carpet pre-show, many streamers had predicted that xQc would take home the top prize. Even Ahgren gave himself a 2% chance to win. Viewers were shocked then when he was announced as Streamer of the Year. Some users even became angry and took to social media to claim the award was “rigged.”

The creator addressed the backlash in a March 13 YouTube video and revealed how the discourse was disappointing. “If there is one thing I regret, it is that there is a little discourse distracting from how cool the Streamer Awards was because people were so shocked I had won at the end. Which is a bummer,” he said.


He stated that viewers should instead focus on how much work QTCinderella put into pulling off the event. “The only thing people should be talking about is how f**king amazing the award show was,” he said.

Ludwig also revealed that he was content with his victory. “The only reason I won was because it was fan-voted. And I think that’s cool,” he continued. “I feel good that I’m able to win because more people who liked me voted for me. That’s all it comes down to. So thank you, guys. I appreciate you so much.”

The Mogul Money creator concluded his take on the show by praising xQc: “I’ll never be like xQc, a gaming warlord streaming 18 hours a day and keeping his levels of energy. I thought I would lose to X. And I told Lengyel that he could have won this as well.”