xQc defends Ludwig & QTCinderella over Fansly sponsorship after backlash

xqc and ludwig streamingYouTube: Ludwig / xQc

xQc has spoken up in defense of his fellow streamer and working partner Ludwig, after controversy over his decision to take a sponsorship with ‘Fansly’, an online content creation platform akin to OnlyFans.

The Fansly sponsorship was arranged by Ludwig for xQc’s game show “JUICED”, although xQc himself said he had no prior knowledge or involvement in securing the partnership himself. Fansly also sponsored the Streamer Awards show, which is organized by Ludwig’s partner, QTCinderella.

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“In my defense, I’m not going to sh*t on Lud, on my own show. I had genuinely zero knowledge of Fansly being a sponsor, nor did I sign anything with Fansly, nor did I ever see a singular dollar from Fansly,” xQc said.

However, the controversy bubbled, with Twitch streamer and No Pixel owner Koil criticizing Ludwig for the sponsorship.

Fansly streamer awardsStreamer Awards
Fansly was a prominent sponsor of the 2023 Streamer Awards.

Koil calls out Ludwig over Fansly deal

Koil was critical of Ludwig because he believed it hypocritical to take a sponsorship from a platform like Fansly, when his girlfriend, QTCinderella, had recently criticized the spread of deepfake content.

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“Isn’t it crazy that people in the industry, and on Twitch, will cry about the exploitation of women, … and then their boyfriend will go and take a sponsor from Fansly,” Koil said.

However, this take was criticized by many, as the key difference is consent – deepfake content is not consented to by the targets, whereas content on OnlyFans or Fansly is created and owned by the women themselves.

xQc defends Ludwig and Fansly sponsorship

On his own stream, xQc debated the issue with a viewer. The viewer argued that Ludwig and QTCinderella’s audience was “younger”, and that promoting Fansly was promoting “p*rn”.

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xQc disagreed, however, retorting that while both Fansly and OnlyFans are used for that purpose, it is not their sole purpose, and they are not exclusively for mature content.

He continued, “people who use Fansly in a sexual way, they have all the safeguards, like age verification, that they are 18 plus or whatever.”

Ludwig has not addressed the criticism over the Fansly sponsorship himself yet.

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