Ludwig embarrassed after finding YouTube comment he made 10 years ago

Dylan Horetski
Ludwig YouTube

Twitch streamer Ludwig Ahgren became pretty embarrassed on stream after he stumbled upon a 10-year-old YouTube comment made when he was still in high school. 

Since YouTube’s launch in 2005, its became the top website for all kinds of creative videos from a wide variety of people. Some of the early adopters on the platform include PewDiePie, Rhett and Link, and the hilarious ‘Epic Rap Battles of History.’

Epic Rap Battles started in 2006 by comedy duo Nice Peter & epicLLOYD, and since then they have featured over 80 fictional and historical characters in their own hand-written rap battle videos.

In Ludwig’s case, however, the channel holds an embarrassing comment the creator made 10 years ago asking for a “troll” musician mashup.

epic rap battles of history
Epic Rap Battles of History has showcased more than 80 historical and fictional characters.

Ludwig discovers teenage comment

During his November 16 stream, Ludwig was checking out past Rap Battle videos when he stumbled upon a comment he made when he was just 16-years-old. Just after watching an ERB of Dr Seuss vs Shakespeare, the streamer realized he had left a comment.

His comment said: “Rick Astley vs Rebecca Black. The world’s worst, most troll-friendly song.”

After scrolling down to the comment, Ahgren exploded in laugher and said: “No way, that’s so embarrassing! I can’t believe that exists. Why is that the first thing they show? I don’t wanna see that!”

While still embarrassed about finding the now 10-year-old comment, the Twitch streamer stood firm on his recommendation. He added: “That’s actually a good one, that’s a good idea”

Rick Astley gained popularity on the internet with his song “Never gonna give you up,” which turned into a meme called the “Rick Roll” while Rebecca Black had her rise to fame with the song “Friday.

While Epic Rap Battles of History doesn’t upload new videos as much as other long-time creators, their channel still gets plenty of attention on the platform.

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