‘Chug Jug with You’ creator responds to Streamer Awards 2024 performance backlash

Dylan Horetski
the streamer awards 2024 leviathan

YouTuber Leviathan, known for creating the viral ‘Chug Jug With You’ Fortnite song, has responded after his Streamer Awards 2024 performance sparked a bit of backlash across social media.

The Streamer Awards 2024 has concluded, and QTCinderella’s event saw over a dozen streamers across Twitch, YouTube, and Kick bring home an award.

It broke last year’s viewership record not even halfway through the event, and viewers both in person and online loved the various performances.

‘Chug Jug with You’ creator and YouTuber Leviathan was one of those performers, and the lyrics of one of his songs didn’t sit quite well with some people across Twitter/X.

Leviathan responds after Streamer Awards 2024 backlash

Right after Leviathan performed one of his newer songs on stage, clips complaining about his choice of lyrics made their way around social media.

Twitch Streamer JustRyan called him out in a post on X, slamming the event as a whole as well.

“I am not surprised in all honesty. But also so so SO disappointed! are we not past using the word Gay as a negative term? I already felt queer people were not represented here and now this proves that point. To the larger streaming commuinity we are just a joke to them,” they said.

Just hours after the event, Leviathan took to his Twitter page to address the controversy — quote retweeting a now-unavailable post from another user calling out his lyrics.

“I think this controversy is really funny but very important that I say do NOT pin this on QT Lud asked me to perform chug jug and I surprise performed two songs,” he said.

“People seem to have lost the idea that my songs are entirely satire and parody the idea of toxic fortnite kids. Have never seriously used gay as an insult and didn’t even play fortnite when I made the second song.”

QTCinderella has yet to respond to the backlash surrounding Leviathan’s performance, but we’ll be sure to update you if they comment on it.

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