Ludwig defends Twitch gambling sponsorships after Clint Stevens’ criticism

Ludwig and a slot machineTwitch: Ludwig/Unsplash

Streaming star Ludwig ‘Ludwig’ Ahrgen jumped to the defense of Twitch streamers who take up gambling sponsorships after speedrunner Clint Stevens argued against them.

Gambling streams have existed on Twitch pretty much since the very start. There are plenty of content creators who sit and play slots, poker, or blackjack all day, with viewers tuned in to see them win huge payouts.

Most of these creators are professional gamblers who’ve made a living off it prior to Twitch, but there are plenty of streamers who get involved because of sponsorships.

As we’ve seen before, these deals can be incredibly lucrative, but they are equally controversial. Many streamers have called on Twitch to do something about them, given that many of these sponsored streamers have audiences that skew younger.

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Twitch streamer Trainwreckstv rants at gambling criticsTwitch: Trainwreckstv
Gambling streams have become huge on Twitch, especially as streamers get sponsored.

While he gambles himself, Ludwig has raised issues with gambling streams before, especially when some streamers make it seem like they’re gambling their own money, and not money they were given from a site.

After speedrun star Clint Stevens said that streamers could simply choose not to accept gambling sponsorships, Ludwig jumped to the defense of streamers who accept them.

“Does he not f**king get that people’s careers on Twitch last literally years and then it goes away? Like a few f**king years,” Ludwig said, referring to streamers securing the bag as they grow more and more popular.

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Clint also criticized other products that regularly appear as Twitch sponsors, and Ludwig defended them as well, noting he doesn’t take “stupid sponsorships” himself in the same way that others might.

Even though gambling streams might be a hot topic, they are likely to stick around. Twitch has dedicated sections for casino games and beyond. Maybe they’ll change the rules on sponsored streams, but it’s also on streamers to be a bit more clever about things.