Adin Ross leaks massive sponsorship figures for gambling Twitch streams

adin ross twitch streamTwitch: AdinRoss

During his June 9 Twitch stream, Adin Ross appears to have leaked the mouth-watering amount of money he’s getting from his gambling Twitch streams, and it’s absolutely insane.

Adin Ross has fast become one of the biggest names on Twitch, earning hundreds of thousands of viewers and a huge, dedicated fanbase.

He regularly streams with top rappers and has moved into a house with the likes of Ricegum, FaZe Banks and Mike Majlak to build his streaming career — and it’s definitely paying off.

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While streamers’ earnings aren’t always exactly clear, especially when it comes to sponsorships, this leaked conversation will definitely open some eyes.

adin ross lake house treesInstagram: adinross
Adin has definitely managed to make a decent living for himself with his Twitch rise.

During his June 9 stream, Adin was searching through his Discord, looking for good friend and Lebron James’ son Bronny, when he accidentally opened a conversation with someone called ‘Duelbets’.

“They offered me a bag,” he told them, presumably referring to Roobet who he mentions later in the conversation. After Duelbets says they “offered you guys nearly $2m a month,”

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Ross replies saying that they “offered 1.4 and didn’t want to cover expenses,” while adding that Roobet are “covering expenses” and that they’re “getting more” with them. Presumably, “them” is the entire group of creators mentioned above.

Almost $2m a month across the group is pretty breathtaking, not to mention Roobet covering all of their expenses and offering a referral code to help them make even more money.

If they’re making around $1.6m+ minimum every month, it’s hard to imagine how much Adin and his crew are really making, including other sponsorships, subscriptions and donations.

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Adin might be a fresher face in the streaming game, but it’s fair to say he’s probably making money like some of the top names.

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